Friday, October 18, 2013

Free Movie Friday!

Something happened to me today that's never happened before...I won something on the radio!  Cool!  No, I didn't have to answer any trivia questions or battle someone else in a game, I just had to be caller #14 and I was!  Ha, I just realized that it's kind of funny b/c 14's always been sort of a lucky number for me.  Interesting.  Anyhow I won 2 tickets to the movies to see the new Tom Hanks movie, "Captain Phillips." I was pretty excited about it and tried to convey that while on air b/c I hate it when people win things on the radio and they show no enthusiasm whatsoever.  It was cool too b/c after I got off the phone w/ them they played a couple more songs then I heard myself on the radio!  Too funny.  I wonder if anyone that I know heard me and recognized it was me!?  So, looking foward to a free movie night in the near future :)

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