Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Better Safe Than Sorry!

A good rule of thumb:  If you notice something strange/new/different about your body (like a mole, freckle, bump, etc) and it doesn't go away on it's own within 2 weeks, get it checked out by a doctor.

I have been adhering to this strategy for a while now and haven't had reason to get anything checked out by a doctor until last week.  A few weeks ago I noticed a small, very dark spot that looked like a freckle with uneven edges on one of my girl parts down there.  I assumed that maybe it was some sort of burst capillary from running or being active.  But it didnt go away after 2 weeks so I had to do the part of the above rule of thumb that I hate to do - go to the doctor.  I especially didnt want to go because who enjoys a trip to the OBGYN?  But better safe than sorry so I made an appointment.

After checking height, weight, BP, doing a finger prick for iron levels, and peeing into a cup for a urinalysis I got to get into the comfortable position with the stirrups and have the doc take a look-see.   It was nice to hear that she didnt think the spot looked suspicious or concerning.  She said my options were to continue to watch it for changes or to do a biopsy right then and there.  Again, as one to be safe rather than sorry I opted for the biopsy.

I immediately starting questioning my decision as I was laying there with my most sensitive areas exposed and the doc started throwing around words like "scissors" and phrases like "do we have anything sharper?"  The first step was to numb the area and holy shit this was so painful!  She used a needle to inject lidocaine into the tissue where the biopsy was to be taken, similar to how they will numb your gums before filling a cavity.  However this was so much more painful than a cavity!!!  They (the MD & RN) said to relax but I was pretty much gritting my teeth and white-knuckling the sides of the exam table until they were done with the anesthetic.  Next she took a round punch biopsy from the area.  This actually didnt hurt at all because it was completely numb.

That was it. She said I didn't need stitches, it would heal on its own, I could run later that evening if I wanted, but may want to abstain from sexual activities for the next 3 days.  So I went back to work (had this lovely procedure done on my lunch break) and thought I was good to go.

About 1-2 hours later it started getting uncomfortable down there.  Then it went from discomfort to pain to OMG I feel nauseous, dizzy, & sick and I need to lay down on the floor in my office!  The lidocaine was wearing off and it was really really hurting!  Probably should have expected that one!  I took a couple Aleve and all I could do was lay on the floor in my office for the next 30 min trying not to move or throw up until the pills kicked in. Thank God my boss was out!!!

About 45 min later I was feeling a little better, still had pain but was able to manage for the rest of the day,  I had to cancel my planned run with a friend though which really bummed me out! The following day I did a short n easy 2.5 mi test drive, and then a full 15 on the next day.  I won't say I didn't notice it, but I got the miles in!

So its been a week since the biopsy and things are pretty much back to normal, both in terms of healing and my running.  Additionally the biopsy was negative so of course I'm psyched about that! :) My point is not that I went through all that unnecessarily. My point is if you have something that concerns you get it checked out; its always better to know than to wonder.  And, if they are going to do a biopsy, especially on a super sensitive area with millions of nerve endings, ask for a topical numbing gel prior to the local anesthetic!!!!

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