Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beet Juice - Part Deux

Y'all know how much I love beet juice right?  Then you know how excited I am about the newest product from Biotta Juices (the makers of the best beet juice).  It's their new performance-specific Beet Performer Juice.  Check it out:

Here's why it's so great:

*Packaged in an easy-to use 8.4-oz portable can!  How awesome is that!  No more lugging around a big heavy glass bottle of beet juice in your tri bag!

*Tastes delicious just like Biotta beet juice always does

*Comes in 2 flavors:  Beet juice with B12 & Beet juice with passion fruit juice

*100% juice (no sugar added)

*Vegan & gluten-free

*It is a performance enhancer.  Subjects in studies involving beet juice have seen faster times in cycling time trials, ability to exercise longer before exhaustion, and increased speed & power at the end of endurance activities.  See my previous blog on beet juice for all the details on the research behind this magical drink.

I suggest drinking 8 oz beet juice per day (or 1 can) for a week prior to your race.  Then drink another  8 oz the morning of your event about 3 hours prior to race start.

Find out more about Beet Performer Juice on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter @BeetPerformer for updates about their products and sponsored athletes.  I will be posting monthly discount codes on Facebook & twitter for the juice and if I can swing it just might be able to bring a Beet Performer night to TrySports :)

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