Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Adieu Cervelo P2

A few months ago I sold my Cervelo P2 tri bike.  It's kind of weird and uncomfortable parting with something you have spent so much time with.  If you think about it, when I was riding 15 hours per week, it's not unlikely that I was spending more 1 on 1 time with my bike than anyone or anything else!  So now I'm down to 2 bikes.  One is my Bianchi road bike, which is the first real bike I ever owned.  I raced a little on this bike in college and don't think I could ever part with it because it holds such high sentimental value.  The other is an older Trek mountain bike gifted to me by a great friend!  Here in Wilmington, that bike has now taken on the main function of a beach cruiser.

But, my P2 has not been completely outta sight/outta mind.  I have thought about it and wondered what it's new life is like...

Dear P2,
How are you?
Have you thought about me?
Do you miss me too?

What roads have you been on
Since you've been gone?
How 'bout your new owner,
Do you get along?

Are you collecting dust?
Starting to rust?
Or kept in fine tune
In your own special room?

And oh!
Mr. Adamo, 
I have to ask,
Are you making her fast
Or are you just chaffing someone else's ass?

We rode together for more than 3 years
Through cheers
Through tears
A little blood, lots of sweat, and all of your gears

Though you may actually have been one size too small
With handling like I was always about to fall,
I do miss our long days together
In sun, wind, and rain; warm and cold weather
On flats, mountains, descents, and rollers
Country roads, country stores, moon pies, & RC-Colas!

We had our good days
We had our bad
And letting you go,
I couldn't help but feel sad

But you're made for speed,
You're meant to race!
You'd be a waste
In a parking space at 0 m.p.h.!

Though I wonder if we were finally starting to gel,
Only time would tell.
Oh well.
I fare thee well.
You were a tough sell.

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