Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Runner's High

Wikipedia defines Runner's High as a "publicized putative release of endorphins in response to strenuous, continuous workouts of moderate to high intensity, corresponding to prolonged physical stress.  The release of endorphins presumably mitigates pain sensation by negatively regulating pain-carrying signals from neurons in the spinal cord."

One of the many amusing definitions from Urban Dictionary is "A supposed 'high' attained by release of endorphins during and after high amounts of aerobic activity, possibly developed in the 1960's as a way to get the drug addicts of the class to exercise."

Here's my personal take, written of course while on a Runner's High :)

I feel your rush
You flood my brain
I'm so deliriously insane
I can't deny
Riding your high
Is when I feel the most alive
You take me to another place
Outside my mind
A sweet escape
The gain is proportional to pain
You start to wane
I start again
So choose your pleasure, choose your poison
Raise your cup and pour it in
Don't even wanna try to kick this addiction to endorphins

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