Monday, September 30, 2013

A Race On The Horizon!

I'm kind of excited b/c I signed up for a race today!  I suppose it was somewhat impulsive, but when I realized that there's a 1/2 marathon on Saturday that I've always wanted to do (Triple Lakes Trail 1/2 Marathon) and that I don't have to work this Saturday I couldn't help myself.  Plus, I haven't raced in over 3 months and have missed the thrill of competition!  Not that I will be all that training has continued to be sub-par as per my standards.  This past week I probably ran somewhere in the viscinity of 35 miles.  I'm not totally sure b/c my Garmin has been broken for a while now and I have just been using a regular old Timex watch for my runs.  Sometimes this is nice because I can't look down and see how slow I'm going ;)  I had planned to run 6/7 days, but ended up skipping one day, for 5/7. 

I'll probably see similar mileage this week, as I don't want to kill myself before Saturday.  I'd much rather go in rested and undertrained than unrested and overtrained!  However, I do want to start upping the mileage soon like I mentioned in my last blog. 

Lastly, one very cool thing about my "training" this past week was that I got to run with a seriously fast runner.  I met up with a friend for a run and she brought a friend.  Over the course of the run, I found out that this woman ran in the Olympic Marathon Trials a couple years ago!  How cool is that!!??  Definitely very inspiring and I'm pretty psyched to have met such a bad ass training partner.  Now all I have to do is get my ass in gear!

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