Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Healthiest Chips

Here's a conversation I've had many times at my job as a dietitian:

Q:  What are the healthiest chips to eat?

A:  Chips are actually NOT a health food. 

Q:  But what about veggie chips?

A:  Veggie chips are still deep fried in oil and do not count as a vegetable serving.

Q:  Well, tortilla chips are healthy right?

A:  No -  tortilla chips, like potato chips, are deep fried in oil and high in calories and fat. 

Q:  Then what in the world am I supposed to eat with salsa???

I have never had a great answer to this question until now!  I purchased some Ezekiel brand tortillas and put one on the top rack of the oven which was set to broil.  In less than 5 minutes, the tortilla was heated and I took it out and sliced it into triangular shaped chips.  As they cooled a little they became crispy.  These homemade "chips" were totally dippable and satisfying in salsa, hummus, and as a scooper for a delicious shredded kale salad I made (pic below).  And best of all, they have about half the calories of regular chips, 75% less fat, are high in fiber (5 g/svg!), and are low in sodium!  

For those interested here is a comparison nutrition chart for some popular chip brands.  To keep it consistent the serving size for each item is 2 oz.  FYI one Ezekiel tortilla is 2 oz.

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