Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2015 Holiday Gift Guide For Endurance Athletes

Here's a little wish list for all the swimmers, bikers, runners, & triathletes on your Christmas shopping list this year!  And yes, we sell all of this stuff at TrySports :)

1.  Felt IA FRD

Duh.  This one's a no-brainer!  What triathlete wouldn't want the fastest and sexiest bike on the market, ridden by the ultimate bad-ass, Mirinda Carfrae, on her way to winning the title of Ironman World Champion in 2014!?!?  Equipped with UHC Ultimate + Textreme carbon fiber, 11-speed Shimano Di2 shifting, Dura Ace components, Zipp 404 front wheel, & Zipp 808 rear wheel, this bike is aero, light, stiff, comfortable and did I say aero?  My next bike is going to have an IA frame FOR SURE :-)

2.  Garmin Forerunner 920 XT
Sleeker than it's predecessor, this watch does it all:  speed, pace, time, distance, heart rate, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, VO2 max estimate, race predictor, recovery advisor, swim distance, swim pace, stroke count, drill logging, rest timers, quick release for easy transfer between your wrist & your bike, power meter compatibility, blue tooth compatibility with smart phone, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, social media sharing, etc. This is basically a triathlete's dream watch and with it's new design it doesn't feel like you're wearing a desktop on your wrist.

3.  Rudy Project Wingspan Aero Helmet

What's better than being aero?  Being aero AND fashionable.  This helmet delivers the best of both worlds.  It's light and fast and sleek and colorful!  Plus, with a shorter "tail" it's more comfortable on your neck muscles.

Stocking Stuffers for Triathletes
Yankz lock laces
Pearl Izumi toe booties
2XU compression socks
70.3/140.6 stickers and car magnets
Gift certificate for a bike tune up (since triathletes don't like to keep up w/ bike maintenance)
Hammer gel (if you like Nutella, try the new chocolate-hazelnut flavor!)

1.  Hoka One One's

If you haven't heard of Hoka's by now you've been living under a rock.  Hoka's are taking the running community by storm providing light-weight shoes with maximal cushioning.  They are perfect for long-runs, recovery runs, anyone working on their feet all day, and anyone who has had issues with plantar fascitis, back issues, or over-use injuries.  I've been wearing the Conquest to work and running in the Huaka's.  

2.  Mizuno Breath Thermo Clothing
OK, this stuff is pretty cool and I really hope someone buys me a piece from this collection for Christmas.  Mizuno Breath Thermo clothing is made from a fabric that literally heats up when it is exposed to moisture.  You start sweating and your shirt will reflect heat back to you!  How cool is that?!  A couple of pieces from this collection & you'll be set for winter. 

3.  2XU Recovery Compression Tights
Compression tights have been a staple of mine for a few years now.  I always throw them on after long runs or big races and my legs feel SOOO much better the day after!  I think they do just as good a job as inflatable recovery "boots."  I don't think I could make it through a season without these!

Stocking Stuffers for Runners
Garmin Forerunner 220
DeFeet reflective socks
Brooks Adapt Glove
Trigger Point foam roller
13.1/26.2 stickers and car magnets
Gu Chomps

1.  Felt AR FRD

The ultimate race bike!  Designed and developed in the wind tunnel, this bike is 31% faster than typical round tube road frames.  With UHC Ultimate + Textreme carbon fiber, 11-speed Shimano Di2 shifting, Dura Ace components, a black satin carbon finish, and Zipp 404's, what's not to like??

2.  Upgrade to Shimano Di2

If you're not quite ready to drop the big bucks on the AR FRD, why not treat yourself or your loved one to a component upgrade?  Electronic shifting is the wave of the future for bikes - never drop a chain again and get an instant shift every. single. time. period.  After experiencing the ease of use, customizability in placement of shifters, and the smoothest shifting ever the recipient of this gift will owe you big time!

3.  CycleOps Fluid Trainer Kit
A high quality trainer can be your best friend in the winter.  Your buddies might wimp out on riding with you on cold rainy days, but a trainer never will!  This fluid trainer is consistent, quiet, smooth, and offers progressive resistance.  Oh and it also happens to be the best selling trainer in the USA.  The trainer kit includes the fluid trainer, 2 climbing blocks, a training mat, and sweat guard to protect your precious steed.

Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists
Tubes & CO2 cartridges
Pearl Izumi arm & knee warmers
Pearl Izumi cold-weather cycling gloves
Pearl Izumi cold-weather beanie
Skratch sports drink

1.  Garmin Swim Watch

Garmin Swim is the most intuitive swim watch on the market.  It's slim, lightweight, and stylish, and waterproof up to 50 m.  It is designed for both use in a lap pool and open water.  It will automatically detect which stroke you are doing so there is no need to press any button when you change between butter, back, breast, & free.  Track metrics like stroke count and stroke efficiency, let the watch log your drills, and keep track of total laps, distance, and interval time.  Swimming is hard enough; let this watch simplify your workouts!

2.  Ironman Wetsuit
Open water swimming is a joy and some crazy folk do it year-round here in the Port City.  Clearly, a high-quality wetsuit is a necessity!  These suits fit like a glove, are highly flexible, and provide just the right amount of buoyancy to help you cut through the water easier than a hot knife through butter. 

3.  Set of Speedo Fins & Paddles
Using paddles & fins is a GREAT way to mix up your swim workouts.  They help build muscle and develop power throughout all phases of your swim stroke.  Use them during drills to help drill down on proper technique.  Fins & paddles make workouts more interesting.  And, if you are slow in the water like me, you can throw them on to keep up with faster swimmers ;)

Stocking Stuffers for Swimmers
Speedo mirrored googles
Nose clip
TrySports towel
Cliff Bars
Bonk Breakers

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