Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Savannah Y'all!

I'm 5 weeks into my training plan (by Tom Clifford of Without Limits) for Savannah Rock N' Roll Marathon.  Things are going well!  The goal for these first 5 weeks was to build up my mileage, and I have successfully done that without injury.  Here's what I've done since July:

Week              Run (miles)          Bike (miles)          Swim
1 (7/6)            50                         48                          2000 yds
2 (7/13)          55                         0                            0
3 (7/20)          60                         37                          0.75 mi OW
4 (7/27)          60                         40                          0.75 mi OW
5 (8/3)            65                         0                            0

This week is a rest week for me and I'll probably do 40-50 miles on the run.  I've thrown in the occasional bike & swim for cross training as I've felt up to it and as my schedule has allowed.  It's been hard not to do more biking & swimming, but I don't want it to affect my running, which is my primary goal right now.  I've still got 13 more weeks til race day, but I have to say I'm feeling optimistic about how things are going so far!  I'm going to hang out around 60-65 miles/week and barring injury or illness, I will be significantly more prepared for this race as compared to Quintiles!

Immediately next up for me is the Leadville 100 Trail Race!  I am heading out to Colorado on Monday to pace my former triathlon coach Dr. Sharon McDowell-Larsen for a 10-mile segment of the race.  I couldn't be more excited about this!  Although I do wonder if I'm getting into something over my head...  The race starts at 10,000 feet of elevation and I will be running with her over Hope Pass, which sits at a measly 12,600 ft!  Coming from sea level, I just hope I don't fall out.  When I asked the rest of the crew last night on a conference call what gear I should bring they told me that the weather can be highly variable.  In the best case scenario I'll be wearing shorts & t-shirt.   At the opposite end of the spectrum there could be a snowstorm with golf-ball sized hail at the top of the pass!  They also said to plan to be on my legs for 4 hours.  4 hours!?!?  I haven't done a race or a workout that long in over a year.  Gulp.  Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that the rest of the crew are all uber-athletes and Leadville veterans.  Hope the pacer doesn't get dropped by the racer!  Definitely going to make for a good blog!

Sharon & I going up The Incline last year...need to start wrapping my
mind around remembering that feeling of burning lungs :)

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