Monday, March 3, 2014

Quintiles On The Horizon

Four months ago I started training for Quintiles Marathon and I'm in shock that it's now only 2 weeks away! 

At the beginning I was all geared up and psyched about my sub 3-hour goal, which seemed like it might be in the cards for me.  However, due to illness and injury (wah wah wah) during the weeks which should have been my bulk training, my mileage has been sub-par (cough, understatement). 

Week      Miles
1               31
2               44
3               41
4               44
5               49
6               52
7               29
8               56
9               56
10             20 - sick
11             22 - sick
12             55
13             21 - injured
14             25 - injured
15             50
16             51
17             45
18             40 planned
19             25 planned

So, as I see it I have 3 options:

1.  Drop down to the half marathon.
2.  Skip Quintiles all together and choose another race in a few months.
3.  Run the full marathon and adjust goals.

At this point, I have chosen #3.  I don't think I've put in the speed work to run a PR in the half and I know there are some speedy folks coming in ready to rip that race to shreds.  So I think I'd be disappointed if I did that.  I nixed #2 because I've already paid for the race and I'm kind of itching to do a race.  I was supposed to do a tune up half in Myrtle earlier this month, but was just coming back from injury, so it's really been a while since I've been able to go into race mode.  Now granted I won't be able to really race this race cause I'm neither in race shape nor at race weight, but I think I will still enjoy getting out there and seeing what kind of a time I can throw down.  My plan is to start out conservative and aim to feel completely comfortable through the first 10-15 miles.  All bets may be off after that ;)

The last thing I really need to do before this race is come up with a playlist for my ipod.  Thinking of including the following below, but am open to suggestions!  What tunes get you pumped up?  More imporantly, what is going to get me through the final 10k???? 

50 Cent
-In Da Club
-Patiently Waiting
-Poor Lil Rich

Adam Lambert
-For Your Entertainment
-If I Had You

-Sail (dubstep remix)

-Sweet Dreams

Bruno Mars
-Locked Out Of Heaven
-Marry You
-Money Make Her Smile
-Our First Time
-Runaway Baby
-Somewhere In Brooklyn

Britney Spears
-Break The Ice
-Get Naked
-Gimme More
-Inside Out
-Me Against the Music
-Piece of Me
-Til The World Ends

David Guetta

Ellie Goulding
-I Need Your Love

-Cold Wind Blows
-Forgot About Dre
-I Need A Doctor
-I'm Not Afraid
-Kill You
-Love Game
-My Band
-No Love
-Rap God
-Rhyme or Reason
-So Bad
-So Far
-So Much Better
-The Monster
-The Real Slim Shady
-Who Knew

Enrique Iglesias
-Heart Attack
-Tonight I'm Loving You


-Don't Stop Believing

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga
-Bad Romance
-Do What You Want
-Just Dance

-Party Rock
-Sexy & I Know It

Maroon 5
-Doin' Dirt
-Harder to Breathe
-Lucky Strike

-Still Into You

-Can't Remember to Forget You
-Don't Stop the Music
-Only Girl
-We Found Love



  1. Remember Mile 20 is HALFWAY. One more thing, I think I might just resurrect "Joking on Jester" in my blog on ocassion since he is "getting back in shape".

    You got this, Sarge!!

  2. Wow, shocked to not see Avicii in that list!

    -Wake Me Up
    -You Make Me
    -Hey Brother
    -I Could Be The One

    Flo Rida
    -Let It Roll
    -Good Feeling

    -International Love